Meet the Author: Nuraliah Norasid & The Gatekeeper

The University of California-Riverside’s Southeast Asia: Text, Ritual, and Performance (SEATRIP) program will be hosting a “Meet the Author” event with Nuraliah Norasid, author of The Gatekeeper (Epigram Books, 2016). This event will be held on Zoom.

Date and Time: Monday 28 September, 9:30 PM (US Pacific time; Los Angeles) / Tuesday 29 September, 12:30 PM (Singapore time)

Zoom registration link:

Publisher’s synopsis of The Gatekeeper: “When young medusa Ria inadvertently turns an entire village to stone, she and her older sister flee to Nelroote, an underground settlement populated by other non-humans also marginalised by society. There she becomes their gatekeeper, hoping to seek redemption and love…until her friendship with a man from above threatens to dismantle the city she swore to protect.”

For readers in North America, digital versions of The Gatekeeper are available on Amazon ( and the Google Play Store (

This event is co-sponsored by the UCR English department, Comparative Literature department, Science Fiction and Cultures of Science program, and Singapore Unbound.

Nuraliah Norasid will also be part of a panel about “The Political Possibilities of the Short Story” with Ricco Villanueva Siasoco on Friday 2 October at 8:00 PM (US Eastern time; New York). This panel is part of the 2020 Singapore Literature Festival organized by Singapore Unbound. You can register for the panel at

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